Quarantine protocol for birds not going to Guam

Revised: January 2009

To: Guam rail SSP participants
FROM: Deidre Fontenot, DVM, SPP veterinary advisor
RE: Recommended preshipment protocol for rails being moved from AZA institution to AZA institution EXCLUDING GUAM.

1.      Physical examination. Make sure the bird has a unique and permanent form of identification at the time of the exam.

2.      Fecal screening for enteric parasites

3.      Fecal aerobic bacterial culture including screening for enteric pathogens.

4.      Bleed for CBC, serum chem panel, plasma electrophoresis (EPH University of Miami), Arboviral surveillance EEE/ SLE/ WNV +/- WEE (Tampa arbovirus lab or Cornell), +/- aspergillus serology (University of Miami), and psittacosis screening PCR/ IFA (various labs offer).  In healthy Guam rails 1.5 ml of blood can be taken without problems.  Consider administer of 3 ml of 2 % Dextrose in LRS SQ after the bleed. Blood is easiest to take from the jugular vein in this species. A rail can be bled without assistance by wrapping the bird in a soft towel, holding the bird and towel in one hand while restraining the neck in extension. The technique requires a little practice but is easily and safely done once the procedure is mastered. Weigh.

5.      Radiographs: VD and lateral whole body views including extremities.

6.      Transfer medical and dietary information to the recipient along with the ADT form.